Concept of UHTML


Extended Set of HTML–Symbols

UHTML gives the full authority over the web sources to the webdesigner. To insert dynamic contents the webdesigner conceptualize individual tags which meet the HTML syntax. In this way database content, dynamic menus, catalogues, electronic shops, etc. can be integrated into a website. There is no need to insert any program code into the UHTML-file.

The webdesigner states the functionalities of the newly created UHTML symbols. On this basis the programmer implements the necessary functions. As soon as the library files created by the programmer are copied into the appropriate directories, the new UHTML tags become fully functional.

UHTML Example

        title="uHTML in daily routine">
      Daily Use


Modular Concept

It's convenient to create UHTML libraries with frequently used functions. By binding of libraries into a project, the library tags become available in UHTML files without any further action of an programmer independent of the library's complexity.

Focus on Design

UHTML symbols allow to place a clear structure into the website sources and make it comprehensible by intuition. Altering, adding or removing of dynamic elements becomes a question of the right positioning and design and not a concern of their error-free function. This independence in the use of dynamic elements in a website simplifies and accelerates the work of the designer and provides a base for new site concepts and it's future expansion.


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