Installation of UHTML


Installation of UHTML

UHTML can be installed in two ways, system-wide or website local. System-wide installation is preferred, it makes UHTML available for all websites hosted on the system, but needs root privileges. Website local installation is possible without root privileges. It provides UHTML just for the particular site.

System Wide Installation of UHTML

To install UHTML system-wide, the file need to be copied into any global perl library directory and a subdirectory uHTML need to be created in the same library directory. The subdirectory uHTML will be used for global UHTML modules.

Local Website Installation of UHTML

To install UHTML locally for one website, the file need to be copied into the cgi directory of the website and a subdirectory uHTML need to be created in that directory. Tags provided by modules copied into the uHTML subdirectory are immediately available. In this way complex functionalities as catalogues or whole content management systems can be used in a website without any additional programmer's action needed. Not needed modules should be deleted from the uHTML subdirectory to decrease unnecessary system load.

Website Specific Tags

Some tags are so specific to a particular website, that it makes no sense to make libraries with them an keep them to be used in other websites. Such tags get coded into modules with a name fitting the schema * located in the cgi directory independent of the way how UHTML got installed. Tags from those modules are bound automatically into the site.

Sample Website uHTML Directory Tree

Structure of a script directory of a uHTML webpresentation


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